Medical film recycling

Welcome to Medical film recycling services, if you are looking to get rid of your x-ray film, you are in the best place you can be.

We do the following:

  • Pick-up your xrays for free (in most cases)
  • Remove all of the silver from the films.
  • Recycle the plastic film.
  • Recycle the paper jacekts (if any).
  • Pay you for the silver we recovered.
  • Provide you with a certificate of destruction for all of your x-ray films.
  • We are HIPAA certitifed.
  • We are EPA licensed.
  • We are insured.

How do we work?

You need to put all of your x-ray films in boxes, if your films is in the jackets there is no need for you to remove the films from the paper jackets, we can take it like that as well.

Once your films is ready for a pick-up, you call or e-mail us and we will pick it up, we will report to you in a few days.

Which films can I get rid of and which once do I need to keep?
Please note that according to HIPAA you need to keep your films for

What is left?

If you have medical x-ray films you are purging and you would like to have it picked-up soon, you can either call us (877) 217-7020 or you can fill out our contact form on the right side of this page.

We are a HIPAA compliant X-ray film recycling company and we are registered with the Department of Environmental Protection.

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